The Outer Wild: The Road Begins


We’re doing it! We’re launching our next movie.  It’s called THE OUTER WILD and the road really is beginning — I’m on the road driving to the location! So… what is it? It’s all about surviving a wilderness filled with ghosts of the apocalypse. A good and creepy and smart and thrilling weird little indie movie and it really is a different kind of sci-fi flick.  ALL GOOD THINGS!  And we’re making it now so it will be coming to you soon.

Come join us, won’t you?  We’re at the very early stages right now, but we’ll be posting updates as we can.  So at the very least, if you’re interested — please follow our social media accounts:

Twitter:  @OuterWild Movie (and then there’s always me at @pchidel as well).
Official Site (still under construction):
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Outer Wild Movie

The Road Begins.



Another Hollywood Kickstarter??? For Shame….

All right , there’s another Kickstarter disaster in the making. Veronica Mars and Zach Braff have company: It’s Melissa Joan Hart, aka Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Darci's Walk of Shame

Like Veronica and Zach, she’s cute. She’s from TV. And she’s using Kickstarter to reach a $2M goal. Disgusting. But very much unlike them, her project — a feature called Darci’s Walk of Shame — is falling far short of its goal: it has raised only $54K as of this writing, with about 2 weeks to go.

And by ‘only’, mind you, I simply mean to imply that it’s a fraction of her goal. $54K is still a lot of money. Most Kicksarter projects would be thrilled to receive that much. For crying out loud, that’s more than 25X the amount that my own meager kids book has managed to raise, so take the ‘only’ with a grain of salt. I’m pissed! Share the wealth Sabrina!! You won’t be using it! But alas, that’s mean. I’m sorry. It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

I Am Fartacus

Still, though, it’s easy to poke fun at failure. Mean-spirited, too, and that’s not my point here. My real point is this: Why don’t we hate her too?Note that Sabrina’s lack of success that she’s having is not without its reasons. The pitch itself is highly flawed, both in concept and in execution. It’s not a Sabrina movie that’s being pitched, after all, and who wants to see Melissa in anything else? And the idea of a 30-something woman still playing off her innocence and virginhood just seems weird. And she’s talking about playing a mature and sexy role — by pitching it in an OFFICE to her MOM. I mean, Jesus. Seriously, just… Jesus.

After all, if her campaign did hit her $2M goal, she’d be the third in as many months to do so by trading in her Hollywood support. Maybe we’re not mad simply because she’s nowhere close to her goal. Maybe this proves that Kickstarter isn’t successful for everyone just because of their fan base (and yes, there is a fan base for Melissa Joan Hart). And her failure does prove that Kickstarter success is far from guaranteed. You still need a good project. You still need a good pitch. And you still need good marketing to stir up support among your fans, whether they know who you are yet or not.

So here, we can laugh with contempt at Melissa, and feel justified in doing so as if we’re personally hammering home that nail in the coffin of Hollywood Kickstarter abuse. But that would just make us evil hypocrites. Because as much as we may hate the feeling of Hollywood encroaching on indie turf —

Harbinger Down

Because they work hard, they’re good at what they do, and they’re reputable. But they’re not famous.We’re still going to donate to the next great ‘indie’ project: A seasoned FX house making an 80’s style creature feature called Harbinger Down. These are Hollywood professionals too — and their pitch is great — so why don’t we hate them too???

So really — next time you find yourself getting mad at Zach Mars for their success, realize that you’re only mad because their success is not yours.


Til Death Wrap Up

So here we are at the end of 2012 and ‘Til Death has had quite the year. As expected (?), ‘Til Death managed to play in a bunch of genre fests. And quite unexpectedly, it picked up three separate BEST SHORT FILM awards!


Matthew Foster and his friends at Dragon*Con honored the film by naming it Best Short, as well as Best Horror. And I didn’t even have to wear a costume! Weeks later, the pre-Halloween weekend was a big one. J.T. Seaton and the New Orleans Horror Film Festival named us Best Short as well, as did Chad Clinton Freeman and the Pollygrind Underground Film Festival — which named us Best Short AND Best Director. So that was thrilling, flattering, humbling, and overwhelming, all rolled up into one. Now, as 2012 comes to an end, the future of ‘Til Death is being debated. It will either be part of a larger project, or be released as part of an anthology of other horror-minded shorts. Time will tell. But whatever its future, I stand now as being thrilled that it received some recognition, and even more thrilled that the fans have reacted to it so wonderfully. As a taste of the kind of response it’s been generating, check out this review from horror blogger Char Hardin. It warms the heart cockles!


Bizarre: The Way it Should Be

All right. Tonight rocked. I just had the good fortune to catch a screening at Lincoln Center’s Scary Movies fest (which has terrific programming, by the way). It was the new horror anthology The Theatre Bizarre — which deserves to become the new benchmark for modern-day horror anthologies.

The Theatre Bizarre

Now, if you’ll excuse the Stefon impersonation — This movie had everything. It had dead deer, cannibals with a sweet tooth, buckets of blood sans the buckets, evil naked toad ladies, slashers in love, eye syringes, scissors south of the border, psycho German Pinocchios… you know, it’s that thing where a guy in makeup walks around on stage like a marionette with an accent and becomes more human only for you to realize it’s Udo Kier?

Anyway. Suffice it to say that The Theatre Bizarre is a welcome modernization of the horror anthology. Twisted, perverse, and extreme, it is light on self-mocking camp and strong on emotional meat (and sometimes literal meat as well). It’s a welcome return to the true roots of horror. It ain’t silly. Collectively, it’s an exploration of the darker side of the human psyche — and that’s where horror truly shines.

Well done. Or should I say: Terrifically raw.



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