New Web Site And Trailer

Just a quick announcement —  ‘Til Death has a new web site! And trailer, too  — so check it out.

Til Death

There are nips and tucks to be made to the site, but for the most part, it’s there. More great news to come soon, so thanks for your continued support and interest! It’s been a terrific ride, and we’re only just beginning. Glad to have you along.

Happy Holidays to all!



So we’ve done it. And by ‘we’, I mean all of you wonderful backers who have helped support Til Death and its Kickstarter campaign. Thank you all — we’ve hit our goal!

To celebrate, I’ve unlocked a new Literature Reward package for all you horror readers out there: pledge $75 and get either the short story adaptation of Til Death, or the short story adaptation of our next short, All the Live Long Day. (Which is an entirely different kind of beast than Til Death — instead of being haunting and romantic, it’s a blackly comic view of corporate culture that’s just goddamn horrific and hysterical. It’s good shit, of an entirely different breed.) So check out the Kickstarter page for more info —

But first things first: We’ve got ourselves a movie to make. We’re just starting pre-production now, but as we progress, I’ll update the news here. I’ll also, when time allows, gather my thoughts regarding my own experience with Kickstarter. I hope sharing the ins and outs of my experience will help anyone about to embark on a crowdfunding endeavor of their own.

So stay tuned… I’m looking forward to getting down and dirty with production over the next several weeks, but I’ll post thoughts, tips, and ramblings as I can.


Love this Kickstarter thing…


I’m reposting something here, my latest update for Til Death that could be found on the Kickstarter page for the movie. It just about sums up my love for Kickstarter. It’s not about the money. It’s about the collaboration. It’s changing film as we know it, and making every step of the production process that much more accessible to all. What’s not to love about that?!

So here’s the post, for your reading enjoyment:

I am feeling pretty good today. Yes, we are significantly closer to our funding goal for Til Death — and though that’s thrilling, that’s not what I’m talking about right now. What is making me happy is a message I received from one of our backers. I’ll leave him nameless here (since I don’t want to blindside him by just calling him out), but his email response to a thank you message from me put a huge big fat smile on my face.

In his email, he mentioned he had seen my previous film Subject Two just recently, and he was happy to contribute. He went on to say that with all the remakes and sequels offered by mainstream Hollywood, he was thrilled to see original ideas in the works, and was happy to assist.

And then I started to smile. Because how awesome is that. Seriously. Aside from being flattering (and yes, I was very flattered), I found this email to be indicative of what makes Kickstarter so great. Not only does a project like mine (or the gazillion others here on Kickstarter) mark an alternative to mainstream Hollywood, but it also allows strangers — such as myself and this backer — to find each other, connect our kindred indie spirits, and support each other. As you all support me by helping to fund the film, I provide you with something you’d like to see. It’s a win-win for all of us, and I take it to heart.

I feel this makes the entire filmmaking process that much more enjoyable, from both the filmmaker’s and the audience’s perspective, and it really is a new way of making films. It opens up the production process and allows the audience to be involved from Day One. I thank Kickstarter, and all of you wonderful backers, for allowing me to be able to connect and engage with you.

So that is why I am feeling pretty good today. Because you are all AWESOME. :)

I just wanted to share that sentiment. We’ll be talking again soon. Until then — Thanks again for your support!


8K and climbing

I’ve been away for a while — and my, how things change!! Our Kickstarter campaign for Til Death has reached a significant milestone: We’ve reached $8K! That’s 80% there, and just $2K shy of our funding goal of $10K. It’s getting crazy close, and the excitement is building. So, if you are so inclined and if you can, please contribute to the cause. Any amount will be welcome. It’s a fun journey, and I’d love to have you be a part of it.

But on other fronts… The reason I’ve been away is because I’ve been hard at work directing a music video. It’s for a rock duo called The Departure. They’re this insanely talented brother-sister team out of Park City, and there is no doubt in my mind there are great things in store for them. They’re young, charismatic, know how to spell, bang heads, and can rock until the cows come home.

(Literally. Where we shot, the cows starting creeping in. It was sorta freaky.)

I’ll be posting pics, music, stills and whatnot in due time. So in the meantime, just remember two words:


Oh, and maybe five more:


More news coming soon!!


After Week 1

Okay. So Til Death’s Kickstarter campaign is one week old today. And we’re 30% to our funding goal. (!) I’ve said it before in my project updates and tweets and other messages, but I’ll say it again here:


The response has been entirely enthusiastic and supportive on so many levels. I am humbled and flattered. Not just by the donations, but also by the massive support we’ve received through our (continually expanding!) network on Facebook, Twitter, and (ahem) real life.

Thank you all and let’s keep it going!


Til Death is on its way…

It is with great excitement to finally be able to announce: My Kickstarter campaign for Til Death is up! Please enjoy the video, and if you would like to contribute (financially, promotionally, spiritually) then that would be AWESOME too. :) Help spread the word! And visit Til Death’s official site for more info. Thanks.


Ramping Up…

All right, so I launched this blog and then I promptly went away for a while. Sorry about that. I’ll do better moving forward. I promise!

So what’s been up? Other than working a day job and handling regular life type stuff that nobody really cares about? Well… In a week or so you’ll be able to see what’s been up. I’ve been hard at work making a cool pitch video for Til Death, which I’ll be launching on Kickstarter in the near future. I’m putting the finishing touches on it now, and I imagine I’ll be spending a week or so figuring out this damn compression situation that I always seem to run into, but it WILL BE UP SOON!!

I’m very excited. It’s a very creepy and strangely romantic movie about an extreme case of sympathy sickness. And yes, there’s broken bones to go with the broken hearts. Don’t laugh at me, but I think it could be as romantic as the end scene in The Fly (Cronenberg, not Vincent Price). And if you don’t think The Fly is romantic, watch it again! I remember coming home from college one weekend, driving 8 hrs from Michigan to Maryland, just to head straight to a midnight movie in Greenbelt to watch The Fly, and I was NOT disappointed. (Though my mom was. Couldn’t I have come home first??)

Anyhoo… I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you out there. You’ll be hearing from me more often. And I just might bring pictures, too…


And so it begins.

So here we are. Finally launching a long overdo blog, to showcase the ins and outs of my filmmaking adventures in IndieLand. I’m new to this blog thang, so bear with me, if you so dare. I’ll try to keep it updated, but if I don’t — hang in there. I will, eventually.

Who am I, you ask? Well, if you’re here, you probably know me already— but in case you don’t, I’m the writer-director of Subject Two and other future awesome projects.

And by awesome, that is of course a self-recommendation.

I’m currently working on the prequel to Subject Two — the aptly titled Subject One — as well as a kick-ass freaky short called ‘Til Death. More news on those projects to come soon — and isn’t that what blogs are for anyway?

Thanks for visiting. Y’all come back now, y’hear?



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