Ramping Up…

All right, so I launched this blog and then I promptly went away for a while. Sorry about that. I’ll do better moving forward. I promise!

So what’s been up? Other than working a day job and handling regular life type stuff that nobody really cares about? Well… In a week or so you’ll be able to see what’s been up. I’ve been hard at work making a cool pitch video for Til Death, which I’ll be launching on Kickstarter in the near future. I’m putting the finishing touches on it now, and I imagine I’ll be spending a week or so figuring out this damn compression situation that I always seem to run into, but it WILL BE UP SOON!!

I’m very excited. It’s a very creepy and strangely romantic movie about an extreme case of sympathy sickness. And yes, there’s broken bones to go with the broken hearts. Don’t laugh at me, but I think it could be as romantic as the end scene in The Fly (Cronenberg, not Vincent Price). And if you don’t think The Fly is romantic, watch it again! I remember coming home from college one weekend, driving 8 hrs from Michigan to Maryland, just to head straight to a midnight movie in Greenbelt to watch The Fly, and I was NOT disappointed. (Though my mom was. Couldn’t I have come home first??)

Anyhoo… I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you out there. You’ll be hearing from me more often. And I just might bring pictures, too…


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    I'm not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how... pathetic, their attempts to control things really are.

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