Bizarre: The Way it Should Be

All right. Tonight rocked. I just had the good fortune to catch a screening at Lincoln Center’s Scary Movies fest (which has terrific programming, by the way). It was the new horror anthology The Theatre Bizarre — which deserves to become the new benchmark for modern-day horror anthologies.

The Theatre Bizarre

Now, if you’ll excuse the Stefon impersonation — This movie had everything. It had dead deer, cannibals with a sweet tooth, buckets of blood sans the buckets, evil naked toad ladies, slashers in love, eye syringes, scissors south of the border, psycho German Pinocchios… you know, it’s that thing where a guy in makeup walks around on stage like a marionette with an accent and becomes more human only for you to realize it’s Udo Kier?

Anyway. Suffice it to say that The Theatre Bizarre is a welcome modernization of the horror anthology. Twisted, perverse, and extreme, it is light on self-mocking camp and strong on emotional meat (and sometimes literal meat as well). It’s a welcome return to the true roots of horror. It ain’t silly. Collectively, it’s an exploration of the darker side of the human psyche — and that’s where horror truly shines.

Well done. Or should I say: Terrifically raw.



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