The Outer Wild: The Road Begins


We’re doing it! We’re launching our next movie.  It’s called THE OUTER WILD and the road really is beginning — I’m on the road driving to the location! So… what is it? It’s all about surviving a wilderness filled with ghosts of the apocalypse. A good and creepy and smart and thrilling weird little indie movie and it really is a different kind of sci-fi flick.  ALL GOOD THINGS!  And we’re making it now so it will be coming to you soon.

Come join us, won’t you?  We’re at the very early stages right now, but we’ll be posting updates as we can.  So at the very least, if you’re interested — please follow our social media accounts:

Twitter:  @OuterWild Movie (and then there’s always me at @pchidel as well).
Official Site (still under construction):
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Thanks for following!  There will be a whole flood of info coming soon!


Outer Wild Movie

The Road Begins.




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