8K and climbing

I’ve been away for a while — and my, how things change!! Our Kickstarter campaign for Til Death has reached a significant milestone: We’ve reached $8K! That’s 80% there, and just $2K shy of our funding goal of $10K. It’s getting crazy close, and the excitement is building. So, if you are so inclined and if you can, please contribute to the cause. Any amount will be welcome. It’s a fun journey, and I’d love to have you be a part of it.

But on other fronts… The reason I’ve been away is because I’ve been hard at work directing a music video. It’s for a rock duo called The Departure. They’re this insanely talented brother-sister team out of Park City, and there is no doubt in my mind there are great things in store for them. They’re young, charismatic, know how to spell, bang heads, and can rock until the cows come home.

(Literally. Where we shot, the cows starting creeping in. It was sorta freaky.)

I’ll be posting pics, music, stills and whatnot in due time. So in the meantime, just remember two words:


Oh, and maybe five more:


More news coming soon!!


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