So we’ve done it. And by ‘we’, I mean all of you wonderful backers who have helped support Til Death and its Kickstarter campaign. Thank you all — we’ve hit our goal!

To celebrate, I’ve unlocked a new Literature Reward package for all you horror readers out there: pledge $75 and get either the short story adaptation of Til Death, or the short story adaptation of our next short, All the Live Long Day. (Which is an entirely different kind of beast than Til Death — instead of being haunting and romantic, it’s a blackly comic view of corporate culture that’s just goddamn horrific and hysterical. It’s good shit, of an entirely different breed.) So check out the Kickstarter page for more info —

But first things first: We’ve got ourselves a movie to make. We’re just starting pre-production now, but as we progress, I’ll update the news here. I’ll also, when time allows, gather my thoughts regarding my own experience with Kickstarter. I hope sharing the ins and outs of my experience will help anyone about to embark on a crowdfunding endeavor of their own.

So stay tuned… I’m looking forward to getting down and dirty with production over the next several weeks, but I’ll post thoughts, tips, and ramblings as I can.


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