Who is Fartacus?? And Who Would Name Their Kid That??

So it looks like, for some strange reason, I am launching a new project — and it’s not a horror movie! Hmmm…. Why would I EVER do that???

Well, the reason’s not very strange at all. As this video shows, my son has wanted me to make something for him for a while, and frankly — I got tired of neglecting him. :) But when we talked about what he wanted me to do, it actually came out to be a FANTASTIC idea, and frankly, I couldn’t NOT do it.

It’s a superhero fantasy adventure (and who doesn’t want do that?) — and it’s all about a superhero with farting powers (OK, seriously; WHO DOESN’T WANT TO DO THAT??!!). And the more we played around with it, we realized it wasn’t just a (ahem) passing fancy. It’s actually turning out to be a full superhero universe with a complete mythology all its own, and it celebrates a child’s innocence as being the strongest power of all. It’s called I AM FARTACUS, and it’s rather special.

So check it out! It’s not scary. But it’s funny, family-friendly and adorable. Here’s our (temporary) web site: www.iamfartacus.com. Please support if you can — because we have big plans for this to expand, but we can only do so with your help. More news to come soon. In the meantime: Enjoy.


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Why So Serious?

    Nobody panics when things go "according to plan". Even if the plan is horrifying!

    The Joker